Insightful Forecasts

Open share trading account online, and enjoy a completely refreshing stock trading experience strengthened with insightful and concrete forecasts by up-to-date Tradebulls experts in share trading realm. Tradebulls is all here to make the online trading account and let you aware of all updates and insights.

Access to All Benefits

Tradebulls is a technically evolved platform that smoothly mingles the advantages of traditional stock trading account and ultramodern ease of online trading account. Here you can seize the best of opportunities on the go with our tools that are designed to make instant share market account and trading.

Hold the Best Opportunities

An opportunity can take you to the heights. So, never miss an opportunity that can lead to greater profits in no time. By having the latest information and details of fluctuations in the stock market, you can easily excel via your trading account.

Excellent Advice

Tradebulls believes in serving its clients with the most advanced ideas while keeping it simpler for them. Our services are maintained in a way that keeps our clients updated with the ups and downs of the share market. Our team brings the best possible outcomes with world-class advice.


If you are willing to open an online share trading account, the share market is now at your fingertips with our high-end stock trading tools at Tradebulls. With an instinctive and user-friendly interface, backed with a highly organized data and round the clock support, you can enjoy a smooth share trading experience. We also update you with insightful forecasts over & over again.
Tradebulls is the blend of traditional share trading and online stock market tools. Besides assessing investment opportunities, it’s possible to get instant benefits as well. We have a team of experts, having honed skills in the stock market. Trading benefits are countless that you can enjoy by having access to all opportunities and can attain premium privileges for sure.
As we offer an instant share trading facility by letting you easily open trading account online, you would never miss an opportunity because of the old-fashioned and lengthy way of stock trading. With Tradebulls, not only can you open trading accounts online, but you can also stay up-to-date with the latest fluctuations in your investment portfolio. Internet banking has made it easier for you to make investments in the share market and to manage the funds in trade.
Tradebulls offers the best currency trading advice. This advice can help you meet the financial goals as you expect in the coming future. We have a team of experts that stay always updated with the market and navigate actions in a righteous way so that you can enjoy all the benefits of accurate investment opportunities. We are available all the time and can help you excel in it.

Benefits of Online Trading

Online research reports

Online research reports

Paperless documentation wherever possible

Paperless documentation wherever possible

Trading tools and apps

Trade on the move with online trading tools and apps

expert tips and latest market updates

Instant access to expert tips and latest market updates

Invest in multiple markets

Invest in multiple markets

track your investments

Utilize high-end tools, valuable tips and interactive charts to track your investments and trade smartly

Why choose Tradebulls for Online Trading?

User-friendly Trading Platforms

User-friendly Trading Platforms

Hassle-free documentation

Hassle-free documentation

Competitive Tariff Plans

Competitive Tariff Plans

Trustworthy Fund Managers

Experienced, Responsive and Trustworthy Fund Managers

Customer Support

24X7 Efficient Customer Support Response system online

Technical Support teams

Friendly and Approachable Technical Support teams

Online Trading FAQs

How much time does it take to activate my trading account?

The documents are scrutinized after they are collected by the Demat and trading account holder. The account is activated, usually within 24 hours. A password is shared by sending an email on the holder’s registered email id.

How do I buy or sell Stocks, Mutual Funds, and other instruments on the website?

Either of the following options can be used for buying or selling of stocks:
Option 1
Over the site, you will see a 'Purchase/Sell/Trade' button put against different instruments. Snap-on the catch to start your exchange. It will approach you for your login certifications on the off chance that you are not signed in as of now.
Option 2
Step 1: Log in to your account
Step 2: Click on the ‘Buy/Sell’ option
Step 3: Search for the scheme you wish to buy/sell
Step 4: Select ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ enter the price, quantity, type of product, and order details to place your order.

What are the various product types available when I place an order?

Cash & Carry / Delivery
Also called as CNC or Delivery. This is the type of order where you will need to pay 100% of the stock value to trade, with the intention to get delivery of shares in your Demat account.
For instance, If you wish to buy 100 shares of Company Y at a rate of Rs. 950 per share, you will need a cash balance of Rs. 95,000; and so on. The shares, purchased, are credited to your Demat account within 2 days from the date of purchase.
Note: This product type is applicable only in the cash option.
Normal Order
Also known as NRML. This I a kind of order type within the cash segment where you can take the delivery of stock in your Demat Account directly. You are entitled to additional trading limits against the cash as well as the stock holdings. The additional limit depends on the stock holdings in your Demat account.
Also, you get two extra days to pay the due amount against the value of trades, which are not done on the transaction day. This money can be paid until the settlement day, which is T+2.
Margin & Intraday Square Off Order (MIS)
An MIS or 'Intraday Order' is a request type wherein the purchasing and selling of stocks occur around the same time, giving you the benefit of value vacillations in the market during the day's settlement cycle. Bit of leeway is of higher presentation limits, where you pay an edge as low as 10% on the stock an incentive to put the exchanges. The all-encompassing exchanging limit relies upon the stock held in your Demat record, and you can discover the rundown of stocks and particular presentation for each stock in the 'Values' tab of the exchanging segment.
If you don't square-off your exchanges before 3:10 pm around the same time, our frameworks will naturally square-off the position post this time around the same time.