Research Analyst

Module VI

Research Analyst

This module aims to enhance the quality of services provided by research analyst in the financial services industry.



Research Analyst

Module Chapters

Chapter 1

Introduction to the Analyst profession and Securities Profession

Chapter 2

Fundamentals of Research and Terminology

Chapter 3

Analysis - Economic and Industry

Chapter 4

Company Analysis - Qualitative and Quantitavive

Chapter 5

Valuation Principles

Chapter 6

Fundamentals of Risk and Reward

Chapter 7

Research reports and Compliance

Module Objective 

  • Know the basics of Indian Securities Markets and different terminologies used in equity and debt markets
  • Learn about the top down and bottom up approach to fundamental research
  • Know the basic principles for micro and macro-economic analysis, the sources of different information for analysis and the various macroeconomic variables affecting the analysis.
  • Know the key industry drivers and sources of information for industry analysis.
  • Understand about the Qualitative and Quantitative dimensions with regards to Company Analysis.
  • Learn about the Fundamentals of Risk and Return, Valuation Principles and the philosophy of various Corporate Actions.
  • Understand the qualities of a good research report.