Instant Opening of Demat Account

To hold the IPO securities and for its trading in the stock market, the Demat account is a prerequisite. But it’s not as easy as pie to create a Demat account. A plethora of conditions is required to be completed to get it done. We do it easily on your behalf.

Ultimate Guidance

24*7 expert advice is available to let you excel in the stock market. As the company grows, the management of funds online becomes harder and troublesome. The expert guidance at each step can help you grow and get good returns from the money invested by you.

Potential for Higher Returns

IPO stocks offer higher returns and more scope for the future. In a small time zone, you get the opportunity to invest earlier and attain higher too. Tradebulls keep tracking all the companies that enter capital markets and enhances the scope of exquisite earnings.

Long Term Financial Goals

Goals achieving will never be a far-fetched deal by getting in touch with Tradebulls. Educational, health, marriage, retirement, and all other financial goals can be achieved if you invest in low cost and greater return IPOs. We know how to fuel up your dreams and get it accomplished as well within no time.


Trading, holding, investing, checking IPO allotment status, and monitoring needs a Demat Account. We don’t just help you create a valid account but also manage it in the way required. By having this account, you can save costs, lower down the risk, hike up liquidity and also save the transaction time. The accessibility of shares, and witnessing IPO allotment becomes easy when you have securities in an electronic form in this account.
Besides handling your Initial Public Offer (IPO), we are all time available to guide you throughout your journey in the stock market. We have vast experience and in-depth industry knowledge that makes IPO grow smoothly & quickly. You will be able to avoid delays instantly by staying all the time updated with the latest information. Our experts remain all-time updates, and you can call them up down the road when you need the latest details and any sort of guidance in the IPO market.
Updates of IPO shares can make you get the best outcomes. Tradebulls keep you updated with the latest companies and details. With the latest info and details, it becomes easy to invest and get higher IPO offerings as you expect to have in the future. With better resource allocation and better value-added services, including brief company profiles, IPO updates, IPO list, and market information, you can get greater outcomes. By tying hands with us, your future is secure with the highest possible returns.
With extensive research, we put your funds in secured IPOs and let you not just enjoy better returns but also help you gracefully achieve your goals. We prepare the action plan as per changing market scenario and develop strategies accordingly. By sticking to the plans and strategies, we vouch for the success of our investors. IPO issue market becomes volatile most of the time but doesn’t panic at that time. We know how to focus and achieve the point in a better way.

Benefits of IPOs

Early investment

Early investment has the potential for greater returns

long-term investments

In many cases, long-term investments have led to multi-fold earnings

Rapid short term gains

Rapid short-term gains have also been witnessed for some companies

Why choose Tradebulls for IPO Investing?

New IPOs

New IPOs receive guidance by experts

Facility of HNI funding

Facility of HNI funding

new demat account opening

Prompt new demat account opening for IPO investors

inform about allotment

Facility to inform about allotment in demat A/c through SMS

Competitive service tariff

Competitive service tariff in the industry

Facility of telephonic inquiry

Facility of telephonic inquiry of demat balance

How to Apply

Know More

How to apply IPO


Does tradebull provide the facility to apply in IPO?

You cannot apply online for IPO services. You need to apply it through ASBA only. You will need to collect the IPO forms from Tradebulls offices.

How can I apply in IPO?

You need to apply for an IPO through ASBA or using UPI. Read more.

What are the details I should care about while applying for IPO/OFS?

While applying for an IPO, make sure that all the mentioned details are filled properly:
Demat Account Number
ASBA Bank Account Number and
Your signature wherever required.

How to find DP details on the website for applying in IPO?

Entire DP details are mentioned on the tradebull website, which is Once you log in under details and your credentials, you can view your Bank A/c, Trading A/c, and Demat A/c.

What is ASBA?

ASBA stands for "Application Supported by Blocked sum." ASBA is an application containing an approval to hinder the application cash in the financial balance, for buying into an issue. On the off chance that a speculator is applying through ASBA, his application cash will be charged from the financial balance just if his/her application is chosen for designation after the premise of apportioning is concluded, or the issue is pulled back/fizzled. If there should be an occurrence of rights issues, his application cash will be charged from the financial balance after the receipt of guidance from the recorders.

How shall I know which bank and which branch of that bank is the designated branch for accepting ASBA applications?

An investor can apply through ASBA process in an open issue through book building course gave he/she:
• is an "Occupant Retail Individual Investor," i.e. applying for shares/protections up to RS 1, 00,000/
• is offering at cut-off, with single choice with regards to the number of offers offer for;
• is applying through hindering of assets in a ledger with the SCSB;
• has made a deal to avoid reconsidering his/her offer;
• isn't offering under any of the saved classes.
SEBI has allowed the ASBA process in rights issues on the pilot premise. All investors of the organization as on record date are allowed to utilize ASBA for making applications in rights issue gave he/she/it:
• is holding partakes in dematerialized structure and has applied for privileges or extra offers in the issue in the dematerialized structure;
• has not denied its privileges in full or partially;
• isn't a renounced to the Issue;
• applies through a ledger kept up with SCSBs.

How will I know the shares are allotted & where will the shares be credited on an allotment?

There is a list of Self Certified Syndicate Banks (SCSBs), and their planned branches, i.e. branches where ASBA application structure can be submitted, are accessible in the site of BSE ( and NSE ( and in the site of SEBI ( The same would likewise be given in the ASBA application structure.