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TNS DATA TRACKER: Short Term Debt Primary Issuance - End Of The Day - Table


18:49:56 IST

MUMBAI, AUG 4 (Ticker Service): Below are the details of primary issuances of commercial paper and certificate of deposits. Amount in rupees billion, YTM in percent.	

BHEL: Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd
BPCL : Bhart Pertoleum Corportaion Ltd
HPCL: Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd

Issuer              value   maturity tenor  amount  YTM  short term  long term 
                     date     date         (Rs bln)  (%)   rating      rating
                   -------  -------- ----- ------- ----- ---------- ----------  
Commercial Paper
HDB Financial Ser  Aug      Aug       1Y    n.a.   4.40  CRISIL A1+ CRISIL AAA  
Tata Cap Hsg Fin   Aug      Nov       3M    2.00   3.47  CRISIL A1+ CRISIL AAA

BHEL               Aug      Nov       3M    2.50   3.44  CRISIL A1+ CRISIL AA 
BPCL               Aug      Aug       IM    n.a.   3.39  CRISIL A1+ CRISIL AAA
Godrej Industries  Aug      Nov       3M    0.75   3.44  CRISIL A1+ ICRA AA    
HPCL               Aug      Aug       IM   12.00   3.39  CRISIL A1+ CRISIL AAA
Ultratech Cement   Aug      Nov       3M    5.00   3.38  CRISIL A1+ CRISIL AAA

n.a.=not available
tenor: D=Days; M=Month; Y=Year
IM: Intra Month

NOTE: Ticker has made every effort to ensure that data compiled from
independent sources are the latest. Ticker shall not be liable for any
errors, inaccuracies, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. 

Compiled by Ramya Panicker

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