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Get the highest possible returns in equity derivatives trading with priceless solutions from our farsighted experts. Backing with yearly experience and deep knowledge, our equity trading pundits know exactly where you can earn the maximum. Trading on equity and attaining high yields are our right-hand game.

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Tradebulls facilitates you with priceless and incomparable recommendations to cope up with the risks involved in trading on equity in India. Our team of trading experts builds a dataset of highly concise yet fruitful researches regularly to keep you updated with the alterations of the best performing investment assets.

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Equity and derivative trading include some dazzling prospects and opportunities. If you have a thirst for higher returns while also possessing the needed appetite for usual risks involved, Tradebulls experts will escort you to the fortune, increasing your probabilities of intensified earnings, leading you through the arbitrage, and also, hedging or margin trades.

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Tradebulls offers a seamless experience of equity trading in India. By having well-versed with equity derivative NSE and all the related aspects, it's possible to rule the market. With consistent efforts, you can attain worldly experience within a short time span. Hold our hands and get seamless experience in equity trading.


Investments have always been a difficult decision and never been easier for even those who are into this trading game for years. Thanks to the wisdom acquired by experts, Tradebulls has been like a boon for investors who are seeking help for equity trading in India. Breaking the barrier of complexities, our experts backed with farsighted vision add efficiency and integrity to the equity derivatives trading.
Equity derivatives trading has never been easier than this. From bringing forth the brilliant ideas to fulfilling the equity derivatives trading, our market experts deliver the best possible approaches and recommendations to play in trading on equity. To garner the higher and quicker returns, one has to enter in the high-risk domain of the derivative segment rather than relying on the old-fashioned and comparatively easier investment in the share market for long-term wealth management.
Fruitful advice by Tradebulls trading experts can earn you higher profits. With the expertise of our team, the value of equity derivatives is successfully derived from the underlying securities. By letting you have knowledge of the risks involved in each of your securities, we lead you towards the best outcomes in a short span of time. The earnings get elevated with sheer knowledge and planned steps.
We believe in assisting our customers with avant-garde ideas within an uncomplicated strategy. Whether it is a budding investor or an experienced trading player, we put forward our strategies according to their diverse needs as per international standards of equity derivatives trading. With flawless expertise, Tradebulls lets the clients experience a mix of the most reliable solutions and a portfolio where they enjoy their ease of doing the trading.

Benefits of Equity Trading

Offers High Return
Offers High Return
Beat Inflation
Beat Inflation
Long Term Capital Gains
Long Term Capital Gains
Low Commission
Low Commission

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Equity & Derivatives Trading FAQs

What are equity shares?

Equity shares are nothing but ordinary shares that represents a kind of part ownership for shares. Here a shareholder is a fractional owner who undertakes maximum entrepreneurial risk associated with any venture. The shareholders are also members of the company. Voting rights also vest in them.

What is an Account Period Settlement?

An account period settlement is a settlement of trades pertaining to a period of time. In this account, the settlement is done within a day or more. For instance, trades for the period from Monday to Friday are settled together. The obligations for the accounting period are settled on a net basis. Account period settlement has been discontinued ever since January 1, 2002, pursuant to SEBI directives.

Whom should I contact for my Stock Market related transactions?

You can contact any broker or a sub-broker who is registered with SEBI. He is responsible for carrying out your entire transactions related to the capital market.

What does the Secondary Market mean?

Secondary Market alludes to a market where protections are exchanged in the wake of being at first offered to people in general in the essential market through an IPO as well as recorded on the Stock Exchange. The dominant part of the exchanging is done in the secondary market. The secondary market also contains value markets and obligation markets.
For the general financial specialist, the auxiliary market gives a productive stage to exchanging his protections. For the administration of the organization, Secondary value markets fill in as an observing and control conductor—by encouraging worth improving control exercises, empowering execution of motivating force-based administration contracts, and conglomerating data (by means of value disclosure) that aides the board choices.

What is a free float?

Those shares which are easily and readily available for direct trading in the stock market are called free float. It excludes promoters' holding, government, and strategic holding and other locked-in shares. This will not come to the market for trading in the normal course.
E.g., MMTC has Rs. 5 crore outstanding shares, out of which 4.97 crore shares are held by the Government under promoter category. Only the balance 3.34 lakh shares comprise of the free float of the company.

What is a forward contract?

A forward contract is a contract for two parties who agree to trade at some future date. Here price and quantity should be specified and stated prior. There is no change in money matters time when the deal is signed.

What is the Expiration Day?

Expiration Day is the last day on which your contracts expire. Options and futures contracts expire on the last Thursday of whichever the expiry month is. However, if last Thursday is a trading holiday, the contracts will expire on the previous trading day. For instance, January 2008 contracts matured on January 31, 2008.

Is there any Margin payable?

Margins are definitely collected online and then computed. It is collected on a real-time portfolio basis. This task is done at the client level. All the members are required to collect an upfront margin from the client and report it back to the exchange immediately.

How are the contracts settled?

The entire block of Futures and Options contracts are settled on a daily basis. It is settled in cash only at the expiry of the respective contracts or as the case may be. Clients or trading members are not specifically required to hold back any stock in futures or options market. The money option contracts are worthless at the expiry or maturity.

Can I short sell the shares in the futures segment (i.e., sell shares which I do not hold in DP)?

You can anytime short sell your shares in future segments. There is no bar on your holdings in a Demat account.