Upright Fund Managers

Robust research and expertise of fund managers are bedrocks for better returns in mutual funds. The managers do exhaustive research & analysis that assists them in making decisions relating to the purchase and sale of securities. Assured results can be witnessed by having access to trustworthy managers.

Highly Liquid Funds

With proficient services of online mutual funds managers, you can substantially get benefits of withdrawal at any time you want. No tedious or long process to put or withdraw funds from the mutual funds. We let you enjoy complete liquidity of mutual funds India by making it availed for you anytime you want.

Handy Portfolio Management

Let us make it simple for you! The portfolio management would be quite simple now as we will give you access to get the live updates of mutual fund performance. We keep an eye on all your funds invested in the market and help you meet all your financial goals. We conveniently manage it and don’t let you face any trouble.  

Sheer Protection to Wealth

Is the fear of losing capital lurking in your mind? Leave all your worries! We work extensively on protecting the money invested by you in mutual funds schemes. Funds carry risks, but as the risk gets increased, the returns also get multiplied. This is the common strategy but we don’t let your fund subject to reckless risks.


You just don’t worry if you don’t have in-depth knowledge of mutual funds. You can count on us for our proficiency in the field and premium risk management tactics as we invest by considering mutual funds NAV & finding high return funds. We play a decisive role while choosing the correct funds and vouch for the best returns with excellent performance of mutual funds. The experts track each of the variables to maximize the earnings for the investors.
The investors never want to lock their money up. In such a case, mutual funds India is ideal ones as these are highly liquid permitting you to withdraw any amount of money. These funds bestow huge benefits while securing the funds properly. It exists the loads admirably and doesn’t have any lock-in period. This means you get the freedom to withdraw money every 24 hours with a cut off time of 2 PM.
It's quite hard for you to keep an eye on all your investments and manage it well to get the best outcomes. Leave this work on us. Our efficient managers can help you get the best out of all the funds by managing it in the best possible way. Without letting you face any backlash, we strive to assist you in completing your financial targets.
The protection of wealth is our prime responsibility. Our excellent fund managers research exhaustively to find the best funds that can bring the maximum returns for the investment you have put in. The company in which funds are going to be invested is investigated thoroughly so that proper evaluations of investment can be done. The funds are adequately diversified in the asset portfolios so that risk is addressed properly.

Benefits of Investing in Mutual Funds

Invest low or high

Invest low or high as per your investment goals

Enjoy capital gains

Enjoy capital gains and save more from taxes

Get the advantage

Get the advantage of liquidity of funds

Diversify your funds

Diversify your funds and reduce the investment risk

Why choose Tradebulls for Mutual Funds?

Experienced Responsive

Experienced, Responsive and Trustworthy Fund Managers

Hassle-free documentation

Hassle-free documentation

Daily update of NAV

Daily update of NAV for all mutual fund schemes

Convenience of online portfolio

Convenience of online portfolio management

Mutual Fund FAQs

What is e-Mandate?

E-mandate refers to an electronic order in trade. It is a paperless work, as the name suggests. At the point when you create an e-Mandate. the trade encourages online endorsement of your command from your ledger through NPCI. In this procedure, you don't have to present any physical appropriately marked order structure; rather you are required to e-Sign the command produced utilizing Aadhaar OTP. To do this procedure, you should tap on the connection in the email activated from the trade. Unlike, x-Mandate, which takes 40+ days for your mandate to get approved, e-Mandate just requires 3 working days. Please note, the maximum amount for generating e-Mandate should be less than Rs.1lac."

What are the benefits of e-Mandate?

Following are the significant advantages of e-Mandate:
Only 3-day endorsements rather than 40+ days for the x-order
Experience paperless procedure. No, all the more marking and sending a printed version of the x-command
A 3-advance procedure. Enter Amount. Confirm email. Give an eSignature.
Profoundly protected procedure with Aadhaar check.

How can I get my e-Mandate approved?

To guarantee your e-Mandate gets affirmed and future portions experience easily, approve your e-order by following the simple 4 stage process given beneath:
Go to your email address enrolled with us
Open the email sent by BSE Star MF
Check your Email Address
e-Sign your order with Aadhaar

What is the maximum amount that I can invest using e-mandate?

There is a maximum limit of 1,00,000/- for signing up for your e-mandate.

How will I get to know the status of my mandate?

You will get an email affirmation in regards to order status. Aside from this, you can likewise see your order status in the profile area page.

I have purchased a SIP, by when will the units be credited to my account?

Units will be credited into your Demat a/c as a rule on T+2 working days. The payout of MF units can fluctuate according to the plan's settlement cycle.