Investment Advisor

Module V

Investment Advisor

This module covers all important topics to augment the quality of investment advisory and related services in the financial services industry.



Investment Advisor

Module Chapters

Chapter 1

Introduction to Indian Financial Markets & Securities Market Segments

Chapter 2

Mutual Funds & Investment Products

Chapter 3

Managing Investment Risk & Measuring Investment Returns

Chapter 4

Concept of Financial Planning & Asset Allocation and Investment Strategies

Chapter 5

Insurance Planning Retirement Planning Tax and Estate Planning

Chapter 6

Regulatory Environment and Ethical Issues

Chapter 7

Helping Investors with Financial Planning and Recommending Model Portfolios and Financial Plans

Module Objective 

  • Know the basics of investment advisory, steps in the advisory process, making and implementation of financial plan.
  • Understand how to evaluate different products, their suitability and how the recommendation of the same can impact investment risks, returns and strategies in a personal finance environment for investors and prospective investors in the market.
  • Get oriented to the Income tax, and legalities of Estate planning in personal finance, and regulatory aspects underlying advisory.
  • Get acquainted with financial planning as an approach to investing, insurance, retirement planning and an aid for advisers to develop long term relationships with their clients.