How to apply IPO online?


When a company decides to go public, it opens up its shareholding rights and issues for the general public through IPO (Initial Public Offering). The medium of going public has to be one that has been authorized by a regulatory authority. In India, this job is done by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). SEBI is the main body that defines the structure of an IPO in India. As part of this duty, SEBI mandated a process known as ASBA, which refers to “Application Supported by Blocked Amount”. It was mandated and authorized that ASBA will be a preferred and model structure of application for an IPO. To know more you can check our Primary & Secondary Securities Market series

Prerequisites to apply for an IPO

You require following things to apply for an IPO:

  1. You need to have a Tradebulls Client Code, if not you can Open an Account with Tradebulls.
  2. You need to generate a UPI ID, to know more click here

Steps to Apply for an IPO

  1. Visit to Tradebulls website & Login with your credentials
  2. Click on Apply IPO after Logging in to Tradebulls website
    Step 2
  3. Select an IPO which you want to apply from Select IPO option and click on APPLY
    Step 3
  4. Check all the details before applying for an IPO & click on Submit You can edit IPO lots & No. of Equity shares field
    Step 4
  5. Enter your UPI ID and select your Demat then click on Apply
    Step 5
  6. Accept the mandate request from your UPI app

You will receive an SMS from the exchange confirming your application by end of the day

  1. In case you want to check your status, you can visit to Tradebulls website & Login with your credentials
    Step 5
  2. Select the IPO for which you wish to know the status & click on Search.You can check the application status column in the status table
    Step 6


IPO bidding process was never so streamlined as it has become now with the Tradebulls platform. The whole mix of synergetic research that goes on at Tradebulls has allowed the creation of an investor-friendly platform for the ultimate financial benefit of our customers. In case you wish to know more, kindly click on the mentioned link:

Company BID Date Price Range Min. Shares  
Udayshivakumar Infra Limited 20 Mar - 23 Mar 2023 33.00-35.00 428 Login & ApplyApply Now! Apply Now!
Maiden Forgings Limited 23 Mar - 27 Mar 2023 60.00-63.00 2000 Login & ApplyApply Now! Apply Now!

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