Market Bloopers - Janamashtami

Being part of the solidly laid out ethos and deep civilizational foundations, we in India often revel in the religiously significant festivals of different sorts. Today, as Hindus across the globe mark the occasion of Janamashtami – the birth of Lord Krishna, let us look at the multi-dimensional aspects of what lies at the core values of this auspicious day.

Meaning of Janamashtami

Janamashtami is the festival of celebration of the coming of Lord Krishna as an epitome of wisdom and light, at a time when everything seemed to be lost in darkness. Lord Krishna in his godhead form as a supreme lord of yoga or holy union gave mankind the gift of eternal astuteness and taught the principles of Karma or selfless action. These principles are beyond the limiting aspects of time and ethnicities and involve every single facet of our existence.

So, for the world of financial markets and trading psyche, what are the lessons to be learned from the teachings of Lord Krishna? The following points indicate the in-depth summaries of precise take-away tenets that can teach us a lot about what we need to know:

Focused Areas Taught by Lord Krishna:

  • Being calm in every circumstance
  • Fearlessness
  • Resilience
  • The value of patience
  • Clear and complete focus on our goals

This is further illustrated in a detailed manner to help you keep calm, make proper decisions & trade better.

Important Trading Psyche Factors from Lord Krishna

  • Being calm in every circumstance:

Being level-headed, even when the situations may get on to one’s nerves is one of the most important tenets of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita – the song celestial. This applies to the financial domain as well. If anything goes awry or we face a significant loss, we must learn how to remain calm and take things in their stride-never letting external circumstances destroy our inner poise. With time, such a steadfastness leads to intuitive intelligence which when implemented in our financial decisions can yield surprising results!

  • Fearlessness:

When it comes to finances, we often find ourselves get carried away by fears and apprehensions. In the world of trading or general investment, this is more so as every decision that we take is somewhere rooted in the fear of loss or the fear of making bad choices. However, as Bhagwad Gita says, in the pursuit of duty, fearlessness comes from an innate faith and a positively vibrant frame of mind. Once we stop giving in to our fears and mindfully be aware of the fact that most of our fears are imaginary, we gradually find ourselves capable of taking firm financial or investment decisions as and when required.

  • Resilience:

True resilience comes from being honest with oneself and with others. Resilience or the quality of holding our ground even when things seem to be going against us is one of the core points that must be applied to our market understanding. Understanding develops when the actions are sincere and transparent. Similarly, if we take our financial decisions with an open and clear mind, without harboring any limiting thoughts or complexes, the actions are bound to bring us closer to our desired capital goals.

  • The value of patience:

In market dynamics, fluctuations and distractive speculations are often prevalent. In such an atmosphere, sometimes even seasoned investors tend to become impatient. But this is exactly where the teachings of Lord Krishna in the form of Bhagwad Gita come to our rescue. Patience or the quality of purposeful action with a smooth frame of mind is one of the best qualities that every human being can imbibe. Instead of jumping the gun, it is patience in choosing our market options and investment modes that can steadily allow us to create our perfect financial reserves.

  • Clear and complete focus on our goals:

A complete focus on our goals and desired milestones is very essential. This helps us to remain in control of our options and our actions. Hankering after quick results are against the spirit of focus and can land us in financial trouble. Bhagwad Gita gives us the gift of selfless action and teaches us not to run after results but engage in pure actions. This is the code of Karmic Dharma or the duty of action which can stimulate true intellect in all of us. Such an inherently self-aware choice of financial actions detaches us from any excessive joy of gain and the depressing sorrow of fiscal loss. Even mindedness and remaining committed to our financial duties is our prime responsibility and we must ensure that it is completely adhered to.

Lord Krishna’s teachings are eternal pearls of wisdom and continue to guide humanity at all times. This also reflects the importance of having expert guidance with you so that you can take credible decisions after due consultation with your trusted guide. Tradebulls, as a reliable financial guide, offers the step by step direction so that your funds can grow at the desired rate.