The Emerging Patterns in the Global Market and What do they mean for you

The year 2020 so far has been one of the worst for established trading patterns. Due to the on-going pandemic and the global meltdown of core segments of the markets, there has been a sharp decline in the trading performance charts across the globe and the period has mostly passed under lockdowns and continuous negative sentiment about the general market everywhere. However, it would be erroneous to wallow in this negative sentiment and not look at the bigger picture that is emerging.

The dynamics that have undergone a sea change have also raised pertinent questions about a host of things. Questions like

  1. Where exactly is the global market headed?
  2. What are the permanent and temporary fallouts of the global scenario?
  3. Where exactly should we invest in times like these?

These are natural questions, no doubt and as experts point out, the emerging patterns in the global market are rather evenly distributed as the old order has come crumbling down. The predictions for future patterns are quite positive as well, with the emerging dominance of digital operations and electronic modes of trading. 

The increasing dependence on technology is one of the core patterns that are set to increase in the coming times. As the traditional approaches to market segments become increasingly irrelevant and obsolete, there is greater stress on the usage of the latest digital technology, even in areas where this technology had limited usage until now. Due to the very nature of these emerging patterns, a very detailed interdependence between technological platforms for trading is emerging very fast and this is set to increase in the coming future.

Tradebulls is a firm that promotes inherently inclusive economic channelization and as such at Tradebulls, we fully understand and appreciate this inclusiveness and mutual sharing of trading interests. 

The dynamics of change that are underway in global markets today are set to benefit certain core areas like automation, Artificial Intelligence, data analytics etc., besides increasing our dependence on information sharing and data security. This is because the role of AI and automation in trade-related predictions and market forecasting is set to increase even more. The whole paradigm of global trade and the way markets function is set to change in the coming years.

From stock evaluation to strategizing and from stock listing to the trade bidding, everywhere the role of digital technology is sure to increase. Needless to say that on the whole, this will have a positive impact regarding simplification of the procedures and core operations, besides making the system more transparent, efficient, and speedy. Unnecessary hassles and cumbersome paperwork etc. will become a thing of the past as the market will move towards an open and shared platform. One more domain where this is set to leave a mark is the monopolization of capital interests.

Due to setting up regulatory institutions like SEBI, the bulk of monopoly in the market had previously been reduced to a very large extent already. However, with electronic trading becoming a norm, there will be no room left for illegal profiteering or hoarding of stocks for impacting the price evaluation.

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