Bull vs Bear Stock Market

When you enter the investing world, the most common term that you hear is, ‘Bull and Bear’ market. What these markets exactly are, and what is the difference between the bull and bear market? Before investing and especially trading, it’s important to deeply know about its effects and significance in the stock market. The knowledge of the bull vs. bear market can help you buy and sell securities at the right time. Here you will know all about the bull market vs. bear market.

Before going through the difference between a bull market and bear market, you need to know about what it actually means! Have a look!

Meaning and Characteristics of Bull Market

A bull market is a marketplace where listed securities’ prices continually hike up because of improved internal positions of a sector or firm or favorable macroeconomic scenarios. The increased prices will lower down the supply of shares & vice verse, as the market is influenced by demand & supply laws.


  • Bull markets result in general optimism in the stock market, positive expectations, and investor confidence.
  • As the sentiments are positive and upbeat, so, in the derivative market, the demand for call options elevates considerably.
  • In the beginning, the market changes might not be assisted by corporate earnings or strong economic information and might be more psychological.

Meaning and Characteristics of Bear Market

This market situation manifests the downward price trend in the stock market over a time span. With the pessimistic approach, the market witness declined prices or a sudden fall in the near future as well. In this, the investor’s sentiments and economic cycle play a crucial role in estimating how long will it last and in what direction. 


  • Bear market results with general pessimism in the stock market with a fall in prices of securities.
  • The demand for call options alleviates considerably with unfavorable sentiments.

Difference Between Bull Market and Bear Market

Bull and bear markets are needed to be known and obviously opposite to each other. You have known the meaning of both markets. Now go through bullish and bearish markets. 

Bull vs. Bear Market!

  1. Market Scenario

The major point of the bull market and bear market difference is the market scenario. In the bearish market, the market will be declining. However, the bullish market scenario remains positive and growing.

  1. Outlook of Investors

The outlook of investors in the bull market remains optimistic. With the anticipation of maximizing profits & the rise in prices of securities ion the future, the investors take long market positions.

However, the outlook of investors in the bearish market remains pessimistic. Here investors take a short position and sell their securities with anticipation of a fall in prices in the future.

  1. Position of Economy

While discussing bear vs. bull, the position of economy is a must to know. In the bear market, the economy will not grow much or even fall. However, in the bull market, the economy will grow considerably.

  1. Job Market

This is another difference between bearish and bullish market. In the bull market, the job opportunities are higher & the job market situation is bright with higher disposable incomes in public hands. In the bearish market, efforts are made to harness expenses as the job market is quite stiff.

  1. Liquidity

In the bull market, the trading activities are more, and so the flow of liquidity is quite high. On the contrary, bear market witnesses, less liquidity of funds and investors don’t usually make financial commitments.

  1. Scope of International Investments

In the bullish market, the scope of international investments gets widened up. However, in a bearish market, international investments might get postponed for the future because it’s not a favorable option to carry on. 

  1. Returns

In the bull market, the returns or yields are low that underscore the investors’ financial strength. However, in a bear market, yields should be high showcase requirements of funds.


Now you have clearly known, what is the difference between bull and bear market. The bull market, with optimistic movement, leads to a downfall in unemployment. A bear market, with a pessimistic movement, leads to high unemployment & a fall in share prices.

So, invest in the market after having deep knowledge about bear vs. bull market. Good Luck!