Three White Soldiers

Three White Soldiers is a three day bullish reversal pattern consisting of three consecutive white bodies, each with a higher close. Each should open within the previous body and the close should be near the high of the day. This staircase like pattern indicates a strong reversal in the market.

Stock Name Action ISIN Quality Score Valuation Score Technical Score Stock Classification Text Default Exchange Current Price Rs Day change % Week change % 5Day SMA Rs 5Day EMA Rs 10Day SMA Rs Candlestick Strength [Bullish minus Bearish] Prev Day Close Rs Last End of Day
JMD Ventures Ltd. Trade Now Detail INE047E01031 NA 33 75 NA BSE 11.87 1.71 6.27 11.51 11.58 11.38 1 11.67 2023-02-03