Stock screener showing companies with PE values less than average three year, five year and ten year PE values

Consistent Stocks


Stocks that have risen consistently over the past five years, and whose current PE is less than historical PE

This identifies stocks which have low interest coverage, with interest payments that are high compared to their earnings. This indicates that these companies may have trouble meeting their interest payments.

Stock Screener: Stocks seeing lower PE, and high EPS growth, indicating that such stocks may be undervalued

Companies seeing rising net cash flow, and cash from operating activity

Quality Stocks


This screener identifies "quality stocks" with low PE, high ROCE and good net profit

High Revenue and Profit Growth, High RoE, low PE

Stocks that delivered big gains in share price over the past one year, and also delivered good results

Profit Per Employee


Screener sorting banks by high net profit per employee

Smallcap Performers


Small cap stocks with good quarterly growth rates of the market, good valuations and positive analyst coverage.

Identifies all stocks where net profits TTM are greater by 5X of net profits in previous financial year

High Revenue and Profit Growth, High RoE, low PE

Stocks with good growth, healthy profit generation and reasonably low valuations.