RSI Bearish

Stocks with Relative Strength Index (RSI) below 30 are considered oversold. This implies that stock may show push back. Some traders, in an attempt to avoid false signals from the RSI, use more extreme RSI values as buy or sell signals, such as RSI readings above 80 to indicate overbought conditions and RSI readings below 20 to indicate oversold conditions.

Stock Name Action ISIN Quality Score Technical Score Stock Classification Text Default Exchange RSI Week Volume Avg Primary Exch
Pfizer Ltd. Detail Quote INE182A01018 71 45 Expensive Performer NSE 19.4 37875
Suumaya Corporation Ltd. Detail Quote INE0EMB01015 NA 27 NA BSE 18.7 600
Panacea Biotec Ltd. Detail Quote INE922B01023 42 30 Expensive Underperformer NSE 18.7 178836
Le Lavoir Ltd. Detail Quote INE204S01012 NA 36 NA BSE 17.66 19318
JLA Infraville Shoppers Ltd. Detail Quote INE401Q01018 NA 25 NA BSE 17.57 50000
Riddhi Corporate Services Ltd. Detail Quote INE325X01015 28 36 Momentum Trap BSE 15.28 1750
Just Dial Ltd. Detail Quote INE599M01018 35 43 Expensive Performer NSE 14.79 702014
SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd. Detail Quote INE872A01014 31 26 Weak Stock NSE 13.52 2919081
Khemani Distributors & Marketing Ltd. Detail Quote INE030U01025 NA 27 NA BSE 13.43 7200
Suumaya Industries Ltd. Detail Quote INE591Q01016 NA 37 NA NSE 11.87 52185
Jiya Eco Products Ltd. Detail Quote INE023S01016 NA 24 NA NSE 11.07 46697