Best Dividend Paying Mutual Funds to Invest in 2020-21

When it comes to Mutual Funds and the reasons why you must invest in them for a core balanced investment portfolio, there are certain things that must be kept in mind. Investment in mutual funds comes with certain pointed benefits and these benefits are imperative for any kind of investment in dividend-paying mutual funds. To start with, these benefits can be coined as under:

  • Non-impulsive: or out of tune research based-decision making can take place when it comes to any decision regarding purchase or sale of debt or equity securities. This is because the credible market research that is required for taking a positive decision is always accompanied by proper market analysis and analysis of current market projections. Since the funds are managed by experts and thoroughly professional fund managers who have access to latest and detailed information regarding the stock market, the chances of any error in the context of any faulty understanding or immature investment decision are very low.
  • Diversification: of investment portfolio is one such important factor. The investment that one does tends to spread out evenly in other gainful areas and domains as well. This is fairly important as it allows you to cushion your savings corpus and your profit margin from any unwanted market fluctuation and ungainly event. This variety of investment makes your growth stable and offers lucrative benefits in the long run besides allowing you to capitalize on the fact that even if one fund option performs below your expectations, the overall gains from the other options cushions the possibilities of any loss during any untoward event.
  • Convenient Administration: Since the fund management and allocation is handed over to a dedicated fund manager, there is no possibility of any misdirection or any bashful decision regarding the market investments. The fund manager is responsible for a variety of decisions that involve your personal growth projections and the fact that your goals have to be kept specifically in mind before deciding on the course of action regarding any kind of investment decisions. This ultimately works in your favour.
  • Paperless transactions: Owing to the fact that dividend-paying mutual funds, just like any other specific investment channel have become investor-friendly, there is no question of any bulky paperwork or lengthy and complicated procedures. The transactions can be undertaken in an electronic manner, which also means that keeping a tab over and tracking your transactions is very easy and convenient.
  • Return Potential: In case of dividend-paying mutual funds, even the smallest dividend or capital gain gets reinvested, implying that the overall options that you have are sufficient for enhancing the effective return. 
  • Liquidity: The whole arrangement of dividend-paying mutual funds is such that the liquidity factor works effectively and in a market rendered manner. What this means is that liquidity through buy-back agreements of the mutual fund or listing on dependable and noted stock exchanges increase the chances of retaining more liquidity in the market through the option of dividend-paying mutual funds. This obviously can be done after a certain lock-in period, but nevertheless, this option does create ample opportunities for you, as an investor, to create more benefits on your investment through dividend-paying mutual funds.
  • Transparency: of fund arrangement and fund allocation in dividend-paying mutual funds is one of the plural benefits that one surely accrues in case of a suitable investment, especially so in the online domain. You know where your funds have been parked and as such, you also can effectively decide what to do with those parked funds – this is the very essence of transparency in dividend-paying mutual funds.
  • The flexibility: of your range of options is another great advantage of investing in dividend-paying mutual funds. The dividends that these funds yield can further be used as a channel for future investment in diversified investment modes. 
  • The choice of schemes: is another factor that works best with dividend-paying mutual funds. The host of options ranges from fully debt to fully equity-based instruments. However, this is where the choice must be made in favour of hybrid instruments i.e. the ones which offer benefits for both debts as well as equity-based instruments. Such a balanced investment means that the overall accrue gains remain stable and the growth percentage of your fund allocations stays optimized at all times.

In India, the history of dividend-paying mutual funds is fairly new and as such, it can be said that the real market for these funds developed when Unit Trust of India was established in the year 1964. Yet, it was not until the time before disinvestment of the early 90s when the public sector banks entered into this domain in the year 1987. This is where the expertise of economic planners came into play and it was felt that just like the previous experience of the other countries wherein it was shown that with the development of the capital market, the direct impact on individuals’ can be assessed and taken into account for the creation of fairly new avenues of investment.

This meant more and more money pouring into the market and this is why established firms like Tradebulls earned the goodwill of the general public as platforms where credible information about these ventures can be had and where channels are provided for access and investment into such markets.

The whole key successful investment in dividend-paying mutual funds lies on a balanced approach and adopting strategies that work as per your planned goals and financial milestones. This means that out of a host of options that you get to choose from, the choice must always be based on and rooted in the primary condition of fulfilment of what you require exactly, backed by an exceptional approach that allows you to ascertain the benefits of proper market research before investing in any such plan.

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