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10 Tips for newbies in Forex Trading

Forex | September 29

Are you looking at forex trading opportunities to diversify your investment portfolio or to start fresh as a new investor in the investment markets? If yes, then it’s time to find out more about forex trading. 

To start with, forex trading or currency trading is a decentralised market that helps investors to make money by trading currencies and earning profits from price fluctuations. The changes in the economic conditions of a country can affect the performance of its currency in the forex markets. At present, EUR-USD is the most popular currency pair in the world. 

As an investor in forex markets, you buy a currency pair that you feel will rise up in value. You sell a currency pair for which you feel the value may fall. The forex market forecasts will guide you on which currency rates are more likely to go up or down. But you need some amount of learning to trade successfully in the forex trading industry.

Here are 10 Tips for new investors to have a smooth sail in the forex trading industry.

#TIP-1 Understand the jargon

Read all about the commonly used terms in forex trading. Otherwise, you will be looking at the charts on the trading screen with no clue about what is happening in the market. Your trading service provider will give you a lot of resources to learn forex trading. 

There is a vast amount of educational data on forex trading in the form of free reading material, videos, podcasts and more easily available online. Go through the materials that you are comfortable with and explore the various topics related to forex trading.

#TIP-2 Don’t trade too frequently

You definitely need to practice forex trading. But performing trading actions as a newbie can lead to losses which can affect your self-esteem and demotivate you. Try to get acquainted with the data on your forex trading platform first.

Forex trading is not a gamble to make money. It is a method to earn money by following an investment plan as per your risk appetite. Take your time to learn how it’s done and build your expertise for a good trading experience.

#TIP-3 Study the trading chart

Keep track of the movements in the daily market movement chart in your trading account. Observation of the changes in the chart will help you understand the right time frame when changes happen and can give you profitable transactions.

#TIP-4 Start with one currency pair

There are several currency pairs available for forex trading. US Dollars, Japanese Yen, Euros, Pounds, etc. are some of the leading currencies available for trading. Here’s a piece of wisdom from one of the most popular proverbs of all time: “Slow and steady wins the race”. Apply that wisdom in trading.

Choose a currency pair and focus on understanding how the market dynamics work for that particular currency pair. Find out what affects the currency prices and what are the opportunities for the currency pair that you have chosen for trading. Once you are more comfortable trading with the chosen currency pair, move on to others.

#TIP-5 Choose a good forex trading broker

When you open a forex trading account with a reputed broker, you receive trading platforms and tools to help you with your trading activities. An experienced broker with good infrastructure and industry expertise such as Tradebulls can help you with user-friendly tools, daily updates, screeners and more to support you. 

#TIP-6 Keep track of your transactions

While your forex trading account has most of the data related to your transaction, make your own notes. In your forex trading career, you may win and you may lose in certain transactions. Each transaction gives you invaluable learning opportunities.

Keep track of what you spent when, along with what strategies worked for you and what led to your loss. These notes will help you to create better strategies in the future.

#TIP-7 Keep Calm

When you start trading, you may be too excited. You may want to spend too much money to start earning quick money. When you lose, you may get angry or disheartened. Also, chances are you may get intimidated with the volumes of data and strategies. Keep your composure, learn step-by-step, without getting carried away. You’ll soon find your comfort zone in trading.

#TIP-8 Be wise

You may come across many opinions on the market conditions or conflicting tips on currency pairs. Also, don’t be ignorant by making overconfident moves. Experts take calculated decisions to earn from forex trading. Listen to your reliable sources, do your own analysis and take your own decisions. 

#TIP-9 Create good plans and strategies

To create plans is easy. But following them can be hard, mainly, if those plans are complex. You are new to forex trading. Study the currency market. Read a lot about the strategies used by experts. But when you make your plans, put it in an easy-to-understand format. 

If you try to incorporate everything in your plan, you may end up complicating it and confusing yourself. It’s your plan, put it in an organised manner, the way you will understand it whenever you want to use it.organised manner, the way you will understand it whenever you want to use it.

#TIP-10 Placing stop loss

In forex trading, you can put stop loss after the entry price to prevent losses. But don’t place them too close to each other. If you put them too close, you may lose an opportunity to gain. The stop loss may get initiated sooner and may not give you the desired result as per your strategy. Planning the stop loss point can help you earn profits from your forex trading activity.

Forex trading is a lively investment market with several opportunities to earn. Some of the notable forex traders who made it big in this industry are George Soros, Stanley Druckenmiller, Andrew Krieger and others. You can read more about these forex trading personalities on Investopedia through this link:

Don’t be afraid to invest in your growth because success comes to people who are willing to take risks. For more details on Forex Trading services by Tradebulls, a trusted service provider, visit-

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