Philosophy behind the Logo

This Symbol has dual representations, one is that of the “T” for Tradebulls and the other side it represents a Bull, implying the bullish power that takes the Stock Market to positive heights. The abstract representation of the symbol is in triangles, The Shape of Triangle in philosophical sense inspires many different ideas, including dynamic power, a sense of hierarchy, and continuous motion or improvement. Triangles have energy because they’re pushing in a certain direction. They induce feelings of security and comfort like rectangles or squares. Also called Trikona in Sanskrit is one of the widely used geometric symbol that is used to assist in meditation, unifying and focusing energy in one direction.

Philosophy behind the Fonts

The Tradebulls Font ”Kanit” is a mix of Humanist Sans Serif motif with the curves of Capsulated Geometric styles that makes it contemporary and futuristic, representing Tradebulls new futuristic look. The Tagline font is Helvetica is a clean, clear neutral font that comes in many weights. Matches the mood and complements tone of Kanit font.


Pure Red

Symbolises Passion & Aggression

We as a company are a team of highly energetic and self-motivated people with a 'Do it' attitude and entrepreneurial spirit.


Bright Cerulen

Symbolises Clarity & Focus

With Clarity of thinking, & mental concentration, we focus on growth in all aspects of life. Being insightful and a rational thinker, we not only see clear path for our growth alone but also for our Clients, Partners and Employees.


Suva Grey

Symbolises Balance & Reliability

Reliability refers to our commitment to conduct ourselves in a manner that is commendable and deserving of our client’s confidence. We are committed with our acts and deeds to win trust and confidence of our clients, investors, partners and employees

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