Mutual Fund

High Risk Mutual Fund

The High Risk, High Return MF Basket chooses diversified and money market/overnight funds to maximize returns. The basket invests 90% of money in diversified funds (which invests in equities and equity related instruments regardless of their market cap), and 10% in money market funds (high quality, short term debt instruments). The choice of high-performing diversified funds in this basket brings the chance of both high upside as well as downside when markets turn choppy. This basket is good for more aggressive investors who are comfortable with taking high risk to achieve their high-return goals.

Min Investment
Returns (CAGR)
Returns (CAGR)
Schemes NAV Category Name 1yr 3yr 5yr Weightage(%) Quantity
UTI Flexi Cap Fund Regular Plan Growth
241.40 Flexi Cap 10.71 21.54 11.85 30.00 20.71