Stocks: High Risk

The High Risk, High Return Baskets select a mix of largecap, midcap and smallcap stock investments to maximize returns. 80% of investments are in mid and small cap stocks, and 20% in largecap stocks. The tilt towards high-performing but riskier companies in this basket means more volatility in returns, and there is the chance of both high upside as well as downside when markets turn choppy. This basket is good for aggressive investors who are comfortable with taking high risk to achieve their high-return goals.

Min Investment
Returns (CAGR)
Returns (CAGR)
Stocks LTP Quality Score Valuation Score Technical Score 1yr 3yr 5yr Weightage(%) Quantity
Navin Fluorine International Ltd. 3693.45 51.50 9.00 63.00 101.50 74.69 52.34 10.00 1.00