Equity + Mutual Fund

Composite: High Risk

The High Risk Composite Basket divides the invested amount equally between diversified mutual funds and large cap stocks. Placing half the amount in diversified funds - which invests in equity/equity instruments irrespective of market cap - makes this a high risk basket, suitable for aggressive investors who are comfortable with taking high risks to achieve high returns.

Min Investment
Returns (CAGR)
Returns (CAGR)
Stocks LTP Quality Score Valuation Score Technical Score 1yr 3yr 5yr Weightage(%) Quantity
Reliance Industries Ltd. 2105.70 67.40 35.00 47.00 2.33 23.41 32.93 10.00 13.00
Returns (CAGR)
Schemes NAV Category Name 1yr 3yr 5yr Weightage(%) Quantity
Canara Robeco Flexi Cap Fund Growth
207.21 Flexi Cap 48.55 17.39 16.92 15.00 197.87